Imagine escaping a life of fear and strife so that you can save your family and children. Imagine traveling many; hard, treacherous and traumatic miles, only to  reach the gates of freedom and to have your children ripped away from you. You don't have to imagine because, these atrocities have happened right under our nose. Trumps hard zero tolerance policy, has caused children to be ripped from their children. This is a violent act against family values and human rights. After seeing this painful story play out on national media, i felt compelled to do something. That is where activism through creative expression was born.
This peace is centered around the mother and child. I wanted people to remember the heartache these mothers must have felt and the trauma the children went through. The words "do you care", are written across the background, referencing Melanie Trumps inconsiderate Jacket that said " I don't really care do you." (she wore this jacket while she toured the  prisons they kept these children.) I feel that these words perfectly summarize the government's attitude to its people. However i know that the American people are filled with hope and know what is right, and will stand against hate. On June 30th 30,000 people  in washington d.c and millions across the nation came out to stand against the Trump's zero tolerance policy. I joined my sister from the Omi collective and together we created a performance piece that centered around the mother. We wanted to bring love and hope to the protest. 
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